Our classic watches are made from the upmost quality, bestowing honor on any who wear them.


Our refined watches command the respect and admiration of any in the room. A true work of modern precision and sophistication, our watches offer grandiose luxury to its bearer.


Our delicate watches show the purity in modesty, the abundance in scarcity, and the beauty in simplicity.


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A Little About Us

Inspiration Can Be Found Everywhere

Founded in Switzerland in 1954, Vetania has inspired timepieces of exceptional value that not only tell time, but also make a statement. Delivering style and quality for over half a century, our passion for watchmaking goes beyond just putting a movement inside a watch case. Our goal is to provide our customers with well-built timepieces at an affordable price. We are committed to higher standards in service excellence. Trusted and reliable for over 50 years, we stand behind every timepiece we manufacture.

Limited Edition:

Diamond Encrusted Barcelona, 2015

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