Vetania was founded in 1954

It was then that we were inspired by the elegance of well-crafted timepieces.

Our objective is to deliver style and quality,

But our passion is for watchmaking and it goes beyond just putting a movement inside a watch case.

Trusted and reliable for over 50 years, we stand behind every timepiece we ship.


Classic watches made from the highest quality materials, bestowing honor and pride on to any who wear them.


A true work of modern precision and sophistication, these watches offer grandiose luxury to its bearer.


Delicately designed watches show the purity in modesty, the abundance in scarcity, and the beauty in simplicity.


Shopping with us is guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

It is fast, efficient, and secure.

We are glad and thankful that you have chosen to conduct business with us;  payment can be made with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover . thanks to PayPal.

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Limited Edition:

Diamond Encrusted Barcelona, 2015

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